Personalized Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Vava'u Tonga

At Riki Tiki Tonga, we think that diving is a personal experience best enjoyed with just a few people. We pride ourselves on being a boutique company with our ability to customize your Vava'u Diving experience to suit your tastes.

All of our dive and snorkeling tours include an experienced guide and all the gear you need for an enjoyable dive in Vava'u. (We don't supply dive computers, so if you want to use one, we encourage you to bring your own).

We never take more than four divers on any trip and we offer the same rates whether you are a single diver or a small group. We think this differentiates us from the "Cattle Boat" dive trips offered by some dive operators.

Vava'u diving and Vava'u snorkeling are both spectacular with magnificant coral reefs, swim through caverns, many varieties of coral reef fish and even a couple of wrecks.

We have almost 20 great dive sites that we frequent and when you book with Riki Tiki Tonga we will often be the only people at that locaton. The visibility for Vava'u diving is usually an amazing 30 meters year round and the water termperate ranges from about 25° degrees (77° Fahrenheit) in winter to 29° degrees (84° Fahrenheit) in summer.

The best sites are located about a 30-45 minutes speed boat ride from our dive base in Vava'u.

Contact Us for a Vava'u Diving and Snorkeling quote or if you are already in Vava'u stop by our location near The Moorings.


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Certified by PADI

Riki Tiki Tonga is certified by PADI to teach any level of dive instruction from Open Water all the way up to Divemaster.

Padi Logo

PADI is the World's premiere dive certification organization. The certification you receive from Riki Tiki Tonga will be accepted worldwide.

Our Location
Riki Tiki Tours is located at the Aquarium Cafe in Vava'u, Tonga. The Aquarium is located on the waterfront just past the large Catholic Church at the end of the street in Neiafu. (see map)

About Riki.

Riki Ball has been a dive instructor for more than 20 years. He has spent the past 13 years teaching in Vava'u. He has more experience in Vava'u than any other dive instructor with a great knowledge of dive locations.

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